Assistance and Cooperation for Community Resilience and Development, Inc. (ACCORD, Inc.)

Our Vision

We envision a safe and secure environment where every child, woman and man will be free from poverty and inequity.

Our Mission

ACCORD is committed to strengthening local capacities for managing poverty reduction and human development programmes that have lasting results. Working in partnership with poor communities, people’s organizations, local governments and non government organizations, ACCORD will support:

  • Strengthening capacities in project cycle management
  • Demonstrating innovative projects including in ecosystem-based and climate-smart disaster risk reduction, emergency response, and food security
  • Development of fundraising strategies and enhancing financial management systems
  • Promoting learning in action.

Our Services

Programme Quality Management

Communities, people’s organizations, local government units, non government organizations (NGOs) and other local actors will be trained and coached on improving the quality of projects and programmes to achieve larger and lasting outcomes. At the basic level, partners will be introduced to project cycle management applying participatory approaches. Community participation, especially by most vulnerable groups will be ensured in all phases of the project cycle. By developing local capacities in project cycle management, communities, people’s organizations, local government units and NGOs become more competent in developing on their own projects that address a wide range of development priorities.

Demonstration Projects

Working in partnership with communities, people’s organizations, local government units, NGOs and other local actors, demonstration projects will be designed and implemented to test innovative approaches and to demonstrate good practices and application of lessons learnt in various programming areas where ACCORD Inc. has extensive experience and expertise. These include disaster risk reduction, environment and natural resource management, climate change adaptation, food security and local governance. Implementing demonstration projects is closely linked to improving programme quality.

Fundraising and financial management

Funding projects and programmes is a major concern for communities, people’s organizations, local government units and NGOs. An essential component of project cycle management, ACCORD Inc. partners will be trained and assisted in designing projects, writing project proposals, and raising the required financing for designed projects and programmes. The people that compose ACCORD Inc. have excellent record in winning grants for project proposals developed.

In order to support fundraising activities of partners, ACCORD Inc. will build on the donor mapping activity carried out by the ACCORD Project by regularly updating and disseminating an inventory of grant programmes and donor resources. To further complement fundraising activities and to enhance accountability of local partners, financial management services including setting up of accounting systems and auditing services are offered to partners.


Learning activities of partners will be facilitated. Learning in action activities include training and coaching on participatory monitoring and evaluation, conducting evaluations, and documenting and disseminating lessons learnt and best practices.

Researches based on a set research agenda and on specific topics supporting learning in action activities will be carried out. Databases on themes including DRR, climate change, natural resource management, and local governance will be maintained.

What is ACCORD Inc.?

ACCORD Inc. is a new organization that draws its strength from its members who posses long local and international experience in diverse yet interrelated fields and disciplines including disaster risk reduction, environment and natural resource management, climate change adaptation, food security, and local governance. ACCORD Inc. traces its roots to the Strengthening Assets and Capacities of Communities and Local Governments for Resilience to Disasters (ACCORD) Project, which is a collaboration amongst CARE Nederland, the Corporate Network for Disaster Response and the Agri-Aqua Development Coalition, with funding from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department.

One of the important lessons from the ACCORD Project is that improving local capacities in quality programming is key to achieving larger and lasting outcomes. Sadly, it was also realized that serious gaps exist in the programming capacities of communities, people’s organizations, local government units and NGOs. Successful projects could not be replicated or scaled up, nor new complementary projects designed because of this lack. ACCORD Inc. was established specifically to fill this gap. ACCORD Inc. commits to build local capacities in programming so that poverty reduction and other programmes developed by communities, people’s organizations, local government units and NGOs would be more effective, would have sustainable outcomes, and would be replicated and scaled up.

Who are the people behind ACCORD, Inc.?

  1. Susan R. Espinueva, Ph.D.
  2. She has extensive local and international experience in meteorology and climate change. She is the PAGASA lead person for establishing community-based flood early warning systems throughout the country. She is also an officer of the Philippine Meteorological Society.

  3. Atty. Rico Rentuza
  4. He is the Municipal Mayor of Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte. He was elected to the position on a platform of transparency and accountability in local governance and disaster management. Under his watch, the municipality won the national Gawad Kalasag for best practices in disaster risk management.

  5. Marieta Lupig Alcid
  6. She has extensive local and international experience in community based disaster risk reduction, including advisory services to CARE International projects in India and Vietnam. She is also the Project Director of the Strengthening Assets and Capacities of Communities and Local Governments for Resilience to Disasters (ACCORD) Project.

  7. Ma. Ines P. Bagadion
  8. She has been a consultant to the World Bank Resident Mission in the Philippines since 1998. Her various fields of expertise include social assessment, social safeguards policy development, capacity building for participatory PCM, community-driven development, organization development, experiential learning program design and facilitation, and gender mainstreaming.

  9. Celso B. Dulce, Jr.
  10. He is a Disaster Risk Reduction consultant whose experience includes advisory services to CARE Nederland’s DIPECHO-funded projects in the Philippines, Tajikistan and Nepal. He is also CARE Nederland’s representative in the Philippines. Working with NGOs for 20 years, he acquired invaluable experience and expertise on disaster management, food security and nutrition, project cycle management and fundraising.

ACCORD, Inc Roster of Consultants

ACCORD, Inc. is building a roster of consultants from various disciplines. They can be engaged in providing specific technical assistance needs to partners.

Leyo Bautista, Ph.D.
PHIVOLCS (seismology and volcanology)

Bart Bautista
PHIVOLCS (seismology and volcanology)

Roy Badilla
PAGASA (hydrometeorology and flood early warning systems)

Jason Villegas
Presidential Task Force on Climate Change (climate change mitigation and adaptation)

Ma. Stella A. Dulce, MPA
Independent Consultant (Public administration, DRR, PCM)

Grace D. Tordilla, CPA, CISA, FLMI, ACS
Certified Public Accountant; Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA); Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI); and Associate Customer Service (ACS). Extensive in-country and international experience, in government accounting and auditing, and IT audit, among others.

Augusto Manuel M. Ragragio
Vice-Mayor, Magallanes municipality